Below is a list of common mistakes people make with laptops, please take the time to read them and familiarize yourself with them. They will save you money in the life of your laptop.

  • Do Not Download FREE Software / Music. Do Not Download Antivirus software it you already have one installed
  • Always keep laptops off floor
  • While on the floor laptops are easily stepped on, pets tend to use them for toys and small children will play with them.
  • Always use a surge protector
  • A power surge can happen at anytime,anywhere and ultimately destroy your laptop. Don’t keep paper work in between screen and keypad. Paper can scratch the screen leaving a costly bill to have it replaced.
  • Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
  • When you bring your laptop into a warm place condensation will form and may cause electrical shocks throughout your laptop. Also if you turn it on while it’s still cold this can lead to overloading.
  • Don’t place your laptop on soft surfaces.
  • This will block off air vents and overheat your laptop.
  • Don’t drop it while your carrying it.
  • A good leather case with separate compartments is the safest way to carry your laptop. Make sure the case has separate compartments for add-ons this will avoid scratches over your laptop.
  • Never drink coffee or any liquid around your laptop.
  • It has been proven that laptops don’t like liquids.
  • Lastly never try to fix your laptop yourself
  • Laptops have many small parts that can easily be broken, misplaces and shocked. Leave it to the professionals, leave it to laptop Repairs.
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