What makes CTS Laptop Repair Centre different?
  • Free screen installation with purchase of screen
  • Super fast turnaround time service
  • Comprehensive laptop screen inventory
  • Most competitive price in replacing screens
  • New and used LCDs both available.

  • If you`re not on the market for a completely new laptop, though, are you stuck with your old fuzzy display? Not any more with CTS Laptop Repair Centre. We specialize in providing replacement screens for notebooks. We sell to the biggest contract repair shops, to local laptop repair shops, all the way down to the end users, the yous and mes, We supply notebook LCD replacement screens at very competitive prices, If your screen is cracked ,broken, or damaged, we can quickly get you a replacement notebook screen for a fraction of what the notebook manufacturers may offer. Common LCD screen services include damaged LCD Panel replacement, damaged interconnection replacement, controller repairs, back light replacement, inverter repairs. There are many varied forms of LCD failures: sometimes only a portion of the screen is affected, vertical and horizontal patterns are common due to the tab driver configuration, the entire display can be blank, dim or coloured, the polarizer can be physically damaged, and the entire display can be mishandled and cracked. let us handle all your LCD screen, our high olume facilities are ideal for those customers requiring a "Same Day" turnaround time on larger numbers of finished product. Not only we provide brand new LCDs for newer laptops, but we also have a various stock on used LCDs for older machines like Dell Latitude C640 or IBM T20 and Compaq N610.If you don`t want to spend over $200 for a brand new LCD on older machines like that, we will have what you need right here.


    .    Move the power plug and the laptop loses connection
    .    Broken or cracked dc jack
    .    Laptop won`t charge but worked on battery
    .    Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved
    .    Battery won`t charge
    .    Sparks come out the back of the laptop
    Why does this happen?
    .    Flaw in manufacturer designs
    .    Lots of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter
    .    Tripping on or pulling the ac adapter cord
    Is that just all about a loose DC jack; Most of the people tend to conclude a problem with no power or no charge on laptops as DC jack loose, because it`s a rather simple job compare to having a dead motherboard in terms of price, however, according to our experience, that is not all the cases at all times,20% of the Complaint problems on DC jack loose or Broken by customers are finally diagnosed as a dead or quirky motherboard, that is exactly what our technicians do---to locate the problems and provide the right solutions. At some repair centers, they would just do what the customer told him to do without even checking out the problem by using required knowledge about laptop repairs, In the end, customer spent money on useless service; even though most of them can get their money back; think about how much time and energy they have used, dose it worth that? Definitely not.

    With CTS Laptop Repair Centre, your laptop is safe.

    We provide AC DC jack repair/replacement on your laptop, A flat rate fee of $80 includes everything; labor, new parts(DC JACK),We have multiple quantities of more than 70% different types of dc jacks in stock at all times, combined they cover 95% of all dc jacks that ever been put into laptop computers, If your laptop is a brand name laptop i.e. Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Compaq, HP, Acer, IBM etc.. we should have a dc power jack for it in stock, For the other 30% of jacks we can still find a solution, We guarantee the quality of our work by a limited warranty, if you break your DC jack ever again we will replace it at no extra charge. Most customers are worried if the dc jack broken again after warranty, they will have to spend more money to fix the same problem again, this worry can stop here, for another $20,we offer a life time warranty, no matter where, when, or how your DC jack is loose or broken, we have a solution for you right away Why are you paying so much for a loose or broken jack and worrying it might break again with no long enough warranty covered? CTS Laptop Repair Centre can make laptop hassle free.
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