According to our technical professionals and the service team, we have come up with several frequently asked questions that may be of help to you. If you do not see your issue within the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact our service. We would be pleased to aid you.
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Q: Why does my laptop keep restarting over and over again?
A: This problem could be caused by a failure in the Windows Operation system. You could try repair and restore the OS by using the Windows installation CD. If that method does not work, it could be because the CPU is overheating. Try clean the CPU fan by a can of "dust-off" gas or have us to change the CPU fan and heat sink for you.
Q: My laptop cannot power on at all, neither with AC Adapter connected nor with battery in it.
A: 90% of the time, this problem is caused by the power module failure from motherboard. It is common that power module failure will also cause serious damages to other parts of motherboard. The motherboard must be repaired as well in order to fix this problem.
Q: Why is my laptop not charging?
A: Please first check the battery itself to make sure battery is in good correct placed in. You could use another battery to test the charging unit on motherboard. If charging still does not work, there must be a problem in the charging unit. The laptop can be sent to us and we usually will fix it and give it back to you the next day!
Q: Why can't my laptop be on with just the battery?
A: Please first check if the battery is fully charged and properly installed. If problem still exists, then we can conclude there is no connection between the battery and the motherboard. This could be the result of the connector part failure. You can send your laptop to us for a free consultation and the problem will be usually fixed the very next day.
Q: Why does my laptop turn on for a few seconds and then it shuts down immediately?
A: About 90% times, this problem is caused by circuits short inside the motherboard. We strongly suggest you to not turn on to the power to your laptop further as it may cause more damage to the unit. Just send your laptop to us, and we can fix it within 5-7 business days.
Q: My laptop has all of a sudden shut down and I cannot power it up anymore, what happened?
A: There is a 95% chance that your laptop encountered a serious circuit shortage. We strongly suggest you disconnect the battery and AC Adapter ASAP and send the machine with battery and AC Adapter to us for a free consultation. If the unit is repairable, we will have it fixed within 5-7 business days.
Q: I got water/coffee spilt on my laptop, and it has not been able to turn on since, what should I do?
A: Please do not try to power it up anymore; otherwise it may damage the unit further. As you may know, water may cause short circuits inside the motherboard. The best way to deal with this is simply send us the machine and we will take a look at it for you for free. The sooner you send it in, the better chance you can have it fixed. If repairable, we can fix it within 5-7 business days.
Q: Why my laptop has a blank screen, as there is no 'post' at all?
A: There are few reasons to cause a blank screen - Back light inverter and/or LCD cable failure. - Connection problem, the connection between LCD and Display card is loose; this could be caused by a short circuit on motherboard. - Monitor problem, the LCD itself is defective, LCD replacement is needed.
Q: My laptop screen has lines/funning-characters/strange-colors appears, what I should do to have it fixed?
A: With our service experience, 90% of the time, this event indicates Video Card failure. You should have the Video Card repaired or replaced. If parts are available, we can fix this problem next day upon receiving, please send you laptop in for a free consultation and repair estimation.
Q: My laptop screen recently became darker/dimmed/flashing, what could be wrong?
A: It could be the following reasons: - LCD itself worn out, new LCD is needed - Backlight inverter/scatter failure We have seen and fixed these problems a lot, please send your machine in, we would have it repaired the next day after we received the machine if parts available.
Q: My laptop LCD does not light up, only LED indicators light on, what's wrong?
A: We have seen this problem a lot. There is a very good chance that the problem is coming from the motherboard of the laptop. We can fix this problem within 5-7 business days. This is a common problem for HP DV1000-9000 series, Dell XPS series, and Acer Aspire series.
Q: My laptop frequently got blue-screens, may or may not restart by its own, what is wrong?
A: You can try to solve such problem by repair/reinstall the OS using restore CDs. Otherwise, we suspect your laptop encountered an internal hardware failure, please send your laptop to us for further checking.
Q: My laptop freezes up before booting, what's wrong?
A: This could be caused by several reasons: - Memory failure, when booting up, memory test failed. - CPU failure, when booting up, CPU test failed. - Other Motherboard parts failure. You can try to use different memory sticks to test if there's any problem with the memory. Or if you have more than 1 memory stick, try to use separate one to start the system. If problem still exist, just sent the machine to us for a free checking.
Q: My laptop frozen all the times, and I cannot perform a system restore by using the manufacture restore CD, what could be the problem?
A: Make sure you have not recently upgraded, if you do, remove the upgraded part, and try again. If cannot fix, then it might because of a failure parts inside Motherboard, please send your laptop to us for a free checking. We can normally fix such problem within 5-7 business days.
Q: My laptop does not have any sound out recently, what's wrong?
A: You can try to reload/upgrade the sound card driver, if this cannot solve the problem, it could be the sound card itself. We can check your sound card and have it repaired the next day after we receive it.
Q: My laptop's microphone/headphone jack does not work, what could be wrong?
A: if the speaker still working (means you can still hear normal sound), then you can conclude the sound card works properly, it must be the microphone/headphone jack failure, repair/replace the microphone/headphone jack will solve such problem.
Q: The Ethernet/LAN/modem ports on my laptop stop working, what's wrong?
A: If you updated any driver or installed any software, please try to restore/remove the new party. Otherwise, it also could be hardware damaged by improper insertion. If this is the case, repair service by certified technician is needed.
Q: My WIFI does not work, what could be wrong?
A: There are several reasons for this problem, - OS related, make sure you do not have two applications control the wireless card at the same time. Reinstall the device driver and/or stop and start WIFI service may solve this problem - Wireless card failure - Internal connection failure. - Video Card failure. We strongly advice you to send your laptop to us for a free checking to make sure what the problem is before it gets more serious. This is common problem for HP DV series (DV1000, DV2000, DV4000, DV6000, DV8000, DV9000).
Q: The keyboard on my laptop dose not functioning well, what should I do?
A: If there's no water in, you can try to clean the keyboard first by using a can of electronic cleaner gas such as 'dust off', as sometimes they are just too dirty. You may also attempt disconnecting and reseating all relevant cables. If problem still exists, or you have water spilt on the keyboard, just send your laptop to us, and we provide next day service to fix this problem if part is available.
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